Make your outdoor space an extension of your home.

Landscape Design and Installation

Our landscape design services help make a home’s outdoor area an extension of the home, increasing property value and the joy homeowners get out of their space.  We help you avoid unnecessary issues down the road by selecting materials and plants that will work best in your space.


Landscaping and installation is much more than digging holes in the ground. Our professionals


  • Work with homeowners to choose plants that fit their space and aesthetic
  • Ensure plants are property spaced apart, dug to appropriate levels, and receiving as much sun or shade needed


Our hardscape professionals utilize the highest-quality bricks, stones and pavers. Hardscape projects are virtually maintenance-free:


  • Paver patios
  • Pool decks
  • Fireplaces
  • Walkways and retaining walls

“We hired Hoosier Landscape Group to remodel the outdoor space of a home that desperately needed an overhaul. They were able to completely transform the yard into something that was beautiful and functional, while keeping within the architecture of the ranch style home. We appreciated the creativity, flexibility and reliability of working with Hoosier Landscape Group.”

Pete Gray, Executive Homes